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In addition to the link below I would like to expand on the expectations of Teachers and Students when implementing the  4-phase process of Essential Questioning. 

When using this process the Instructors are required to introduce the purpose of the Essential Questions.  I usually start with stating that railways are large complex organizations where owners, managers and employees each play different but key roles. Considering another point of view with an open mind will help you,(the student) clarify and expand your thinking and understanding of each of the different roles.

The instructor will need to prepare for the question with relevant reading material, or a news link for the students to read or watch.  Then the instructor needs to provide a question that will start the students thinking.

The instructor needs to allow for 5 minutes of quite thinking and reflecting before encouraging the students to express their ideas.

Then the instructor will provide new information, or data into the discussion.

The students are expected to openly share their thoughts, past experiences and new ideas on the topic.


Questioning Techniques –


My discussion topic in this Instructional Strategies course is Questioning Techniques, as this is such a broad topic I have narrowed it down to Essential Questions strategy which is also quiet broad.  To give a brief outline on how Essential Questions techniques are used in the classroom I have included a video link.  (see below)

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 I am an instructor at BCIT in the Railway Conductor Program. I currently teach 3 courses.

I have been instructing for about 4 years and I recently rewrote a course,  Introduction to Industrial Organization (IO).

I now have some time to take the PIDP Instructor Training program.  My objective for VCC PIDP 3250 course is to improve my Questioning Techniques in my Introduction to IO course.  I am looking to intrinsically motivate and engage the students in learning the key business and operational priorities of the railways.  Ideally at the end of the course they are the resourceful and engaged workers and citizens the railways want to hire.

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