Patti Cross-Bishop

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 I am an instructor at BCIT in the Railway Conductor Program. I currently teach 3 courses.

I have been instructing for about 6 years.  I recently updated a course,  Introduction to Industrial Organization.

I now have some time to finish the PIDP Instructor Training program.  My objective for VCC PIDP 3100 course is to update my teaching methods.  I am looking to intrinsically motivate and engage the students in learning the key business and operational priorities of the railways.  Ideally at the end of the course the students are resourceful and intrinsically motivated to continuously learn and lead throughout their lives and careers in the transportation industry.


Blog information: https://pattistrainingtotrain.wordpress.com

Course profile
PIDP 3100 – Foundations of Adult Learning – February 2019 Glenn Galy
Family and friends, Running in the trails with friends and dogs, Director – Ballet Productions Society Canada